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Knowing that not all clients are the same and that all applications differ was the driving force behind the MAX Plant range of equipment. From the beginning the team at MAX Plant looked at innovation as the driving force and how the portability can make a difference to the capital costs of setting up a mineral processing plant, whether in a mining application or a quarry application the MAX Plant product range has the solution. Below is a selection of previous MAX Plant projects

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The MAX Plant concept has been designed around creating mineral processing plants custom to each job. We understand every job is different as well as value the knowledge and needs of the people on site on the ground . Your feedback has helped us innovate and design products you need and want. This is where the ‘You Asked, So We Built It’ range has come from.

MAX Plant Sample Station
Sample Stations
MAX Plant MCC Room
MCC Rooms
MAX Plant ROM Walls
ROM Walls
MAX Plant Light Tower
Light Towers
Power Packs
MAX Plant Dust Hoods
Primary Dust Hoods