Power Packs

MAX Plant power packs are mounted on a skid frame and in a self-contained enclosure. The enclosure is fitted with doors to allow easy access to the engine for any daily checks or maintenance. Also mounted on the skid frame are the hydraulic tank, hydraulic outlets, hydraulic valves and the electrical control enclosure. The skid frame houses an integral diesel fuel tank. The unit is fitted with engines varying in size from C4.4 to C9, the hydraulics are driven from the engine to two tandem pumps, each tandem pump can power three PTO’s with 22kW capacity each and a further single 14kW from the second pump. The main hydraulic pump is a load sensing unit, in the event that not all of the outlets are being utilised the pump will only deliver to demand, saving on fuel consumption and general wear. The electrical controls for the outlets allow the power pack to be linked to other MAX Plant units and the power pack can be linked to Ethernet plant controls if required.

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C4.4 75kW


C4.4 110kW


C7.1 185kW


C9 265kW


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