Grasshopper Conveyors

MAX Plant Grasshopper Conveyors are constructed from welded steel angle and bolted connections to provide greater capacity. The conveyors also have the ability for the end sections to fold for improved transportability. The conveyor belt consists of multiple layers of reinforced nylon ply encased of rubber covers, with the carry side providing the thicker cover for longer wear life. Three roll trough idlers are the main carrying idlers on the conveyor. The number off these is dependent on the length of the conveyor, but otherwise they are equally spaced up the truss (optional adjustable transition idlers are also available). All conveyors are easily positioned in and out for your production depending on transfer length requirement. With simply adjustments of discharge heights a more accurate and on target feeding occurs. The engineered truss extends conveyor life and withstands constant re-positioning. Adjustable tail support keeps conveyor clear from damaging debris.


15M Grass Hopper

Technical Specification


grass hopper 18m

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24M Grass Hopper

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32M Grass Hopper

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45M Grass Hopper

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