How Conveyors Reduce Costs, Improve Health and Safety and MAXimise tons

How Conveyors Reduce Costs, Improve Health and Safety and MAXimise tons.

Costing projects before you begin is a long extensive process, and as we all know saving money, meeting budget and making profits is always at the fore front. Two major costs that can be overlooked in the planning process are;

1. The time taken by a FEL to do the job of a conveyor; and
2. Equipment Capital Cost and other direct costs in relation vs a conveyor.

Reducing earth moving equipment in most cases will improve you competitiveness by increasing your bottom line by reducing costs and improving health and safety.

Reduce Costs

Capital cost, labour costs and direct operating costs attached to operating loaders can be significantly reduced with the correct conveyor set-up. Outlaying money to replace equipment can be over looked in cost reductions and profit maximisations. On site earth moving equipment can be seen as the best option, though high costs associated with energy, labour, maintenance and onsite risks is normally the outcome. Replacing earthmoving equipment with MAX Plant conveyors that are built to Australian Mining standards and international structural standards increases safety on site, not only a smooth operations but significate reductions in upfront capital costs and also major reductions in long-term operating costs.

Health and Safety

Replacing loaders and excavators for conveyors reduces your onsite risk. Health and safety for site workers is at the forefront of every site. Studies clearly show that over 41% of accidents occur due to operation of vehicles. The right conveying system can reduced noise, reduced emissions levels, reduced dust and reduce accidents due to less operating equipment and movement on site.

Product degradation

Using FEL’s to move material from one location to the next causes degradation of the product, this may be an increase of fines in a lump product, compaction of product in a stockpile or separation of blended products, replacing loaders and installing the appropriate conveyor or conveyors reduces your chances of product degradation.

Understanding the client

At the beginning stages of the planning process MAX Plant sits with the client to understand every aspect of the project for 2 main reasons.

1. So the plant is exactly what you need and suits your application perfectly; and
2. So our machines can make you as much money as possible.

Reducing costs, maximising profits and improving health and safety is only one of the many things MAX Plant will look at with you. MAX Plant will help design the best solution for you as the decision maker, operator, site owner and everyone in between.
All MAX Plant Conveyors are easy to move once on site to position in and out of your production feed line. Designed to reduce overall transport dimensions allowing for cost savings. All MAX Plant equipment is built to Australian Mining and Safety Standards proving their longevity, durability and long term cost reductions.
From a Greenfield site or an existing operation, whether your requirements are for a 2000 tph iron ore processing plant or a 100 tph road base plant MAX Plant has the experience, knowledge and ability to supply your needs throughout the world.