Telescopic Conveyors

Reduce material segregation, Maintain a perfect leach pile or simply stockpile more tons.  The MAX Plant Telescopic range comes in two variants, the EH or E series. 

MAX Plant Telescopic conveyors use a desegregation stacking system that is portable, durable and equipped with hydraulic or electric controls for easy setup and operation. The Telescopic Radial conveyor range features separate braked travel wheels and radial drive wheels and the size can be easily adjusted with the electrically controlled telescopic stinger. Near or far the MAX Plant Telescopic Radial Conveyor range makes the tough job or stacking not so tough after all.

The E series 

MAX Plant telescopic stacking conveyor australian mining 640

This range of telescopic conveyors has a traditional telescopic stinger that follows the same angle as the main conveyor.

The EH Series

MAX Plant EH series telescopic conveyor

This telescopic conveyor range has a horizontal stinger for maintaining the leach pile height and also comes with self-levelling axles as standard that allow the stacker to work on gradients up to 8 degrees across a leach pad. 

MAX-EH 40 Series

MAX-EH 40 Telescopic conveyor

Technical Specification

MAX-E 30 Series

Telescopic Conveyor

Technical Specification

MAX-E 40 Series

MAX-E 40 Telescopic conveyor

Technical Specification

MAX-E 50 Series

MAX-E 50 Telescopic conveyor

Technical Specification

MAX-E 60 Series

MAX-E 60 Telescopic conveyor

Technical Specification