Introducing the MAX Plant TL Range

 Your ultimate solution for efficient material handling. With a primary focus on reclaim loading onto overland conveyor belts, stacking conveyors, heap leach agglomeration drums, and refeeding into plants, these versatile units are available in four different sizes. From the compact TL350 to the mighty TL2000, capable of impressive feed rates between 2000-3000 tons per hour.

Crafted with precision, the primary hopper is constructed using mild steel plate, fortified with Hardox 400 liners that are securely bolted in place. The hopper is ingeniously designed to accommodate an optional primary tipping grid and tipping cylinders. To facilitate effortless loading, the primary hopper is conveniently side-loaded by a front-end loader.

The MAX Plant TL Range is engineered for skid-mounted modular portable operation, providing unparalleled flexibility. However, if versatility is your priority, these units can be easily fitted with tracks for a more universal application, adapting to various terrains and environments.

Customization options abound as well. You can choose between electric or diesel drive systems, catering to your specific power requirements. Additionally, these units can be equipped with an on-board genset for standalone operation or conveniently plugged into mains power for seamless integration into existing setups.

Embrace the power of MAX Plant TL Range, where efficiency, adaptability, and exceptional performance converge to revolutionize your material handling processes.