Innovation Bringing Life Back Into Closed Mines

The 1000TPH Modular MAX Plant was designed and installed for South Australian Miner Arrium. Having spent several months working with Arrium’s project and capital team, MAX Plant came up with the unique solution of the MAX Plant. No concrete footings required, no huge costs in civil preparation, and the plant was up and running in a matter of months, not years.

Whilst it goes without saying, the price of Iron Ore has hurt the Australian mining sector and to a greater extent the Australian economy, Arrium saw the chance to develop the Iron Knob mine site and bring it back to life once again.

Rich in history is the Iron Knob mine, originally this was one of BHP’s Iron ore mines that was first mined over 100 years ago, and the chance to be a part of history was big motivational aspect for the team at MAX Plant.

The plant was designed using standard MAX Plant modules, that when pieced together make up one of the most innovative portable/fixed plant designs on the market today.

Lay out of the plant consisted of Primary, Striker JM1310, secondary and tertiary crushers, Striker CM500, and utilised three of MAX Plant SCH208 Modular Screens to do the job of sizing the lump and fines product. Once crushed and screened the final products are then transferred to 60m Telescopic Conveyor (extendable stacking conveyors). These Conveyors were set up along the rail line and allowed the stockpiling of material within close proximity to the rail decreasing the loading time of trains. The complete plant had a customised HMI system that allows complete automation control of the plant, including stacking automation.

The Arrium Plant was the 15th full MAX Plant designed and manufactured by MAX Plant. It goes to show the support and confidence the mining and contracting community has in this product.

The Australian ‘brand’ in mining is recognised worldwide as a benchmark to mining methodology, equipment selection and operational expertise. Australia’s vast landscape and often hostile environment coupled with relatively high input costs has weeded out all but the most robust, cost effective and production efficient mining solutions. And this is precisely how MAX Plant emerged from the Australian landscape.

Craig Pedley MAX Plants founder says” I feel confident that while the market may not be what it was 2-3 years ago, the product range that MAX Plant has developed in for the harsh Australian mining environment will benefit our growing client base around the world. Our Australian way is much more consultative, and I see how my team working side-by-side with our clients and I hear them representing our clients, always seeking to add value and offer the most cost effective solution. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved. We’ve kept our feet on the ground despite our rapid growth and I am still really excited about future, in both Australia and the world market”.

Check out more photos and information on this MAX Plant.

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