MAX Plant Projects Prove Flexibility

 The MAX Plant engineering team entered into talks and looked at design possibilities with the an existing client with the aim of upgrading an original MAX Plant arrangement at their Iron Ore Project in Western Australia from its original install rating of 700 TPH to the new rating of 1100 TPH of minus 10mm Iron Ore material. The upgrade planning and design process encompassed all the requirements of the machine performance increase including not only the new equipment to be provided but also the existing on site plant.

Working closely with the clients engineers the MAX Plant team were able to provide the best solution for the client’s needs whilst providing a minimal plant down time strategy during which the upgrade works took place.

Demonstrating the total flexibility and whole design ethos of the MAX Plant range the install and recommissioning works of the Plant went as planned and with the new plant arrangement commissioned aided by the seamless integration of the new to existing plant equipment the client has been able to exceed their client’s annual tonnage requirements for the Iron Ore Project.

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