Improving Gradation with a Rental Solution


Our Solution

Our client came to us for a custom temporary solution to improve the grade of their product from their existing plant. Our solution was a custom designed MAX Plant 42 meter overland conveyor built for the client to hire. The conveyor sits under the screen collecting the oversize product through a chute. The chute was also modified and it allowed the overflow material to be diverted through a flop gate system onto the fixed 42m overland conveyor. Using the diverted flop gate system allowed the client to revert back to the original operation if needed. To achieve the stock piling required this plant then feeds into the MAX Plant 24 meter radial stacker.


Along with the supply of the equipment MAX Plant was also contacted to install the hired overland conveyor. Whilst on site the customers stated ‘’I am amazed at how well it fits into our existing plant.’’ Whatever your problem, we have a solution!

Overland Conveyors

MAX Plant overland conveyors are made of a strong heavy duty framework structure. The modular construction requires fewer supports resulting in quick installation. The idlers can be in a fixed position evenly spaced or there are optional adjustable transition idlers available. Each system is engineered based on variables including terrain, material density and TPH to meet our client’s exact requirements.

Mobile Radial Stacking Conveyors

MAX Plant 15m, 24m, 30m, 32m, 40m & 45m conveyors are mobile radial stacking conveyors and have high capacity stockpiling abilities. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian mining standards and international structural standards, with no complicated foundation work.

It was a pleasure to work on the project and secure such a custom rental contract. Please contact Brett, MAX Plant Rental Manager, if you require customer crushing, screening or conveying equipment. 

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