MAX Plant Crushing and screening rental

This question was asked by our auditors recently as they wanted to understand how long our rental machines would last. For us, that is an easy answer. As long as you are maintaining the equipment the life is endless. When we first designed our track range it was based around fixed and wheel-mounted machines and was predominantly for the mining market. Adding extra steel to the machine where we saw a need was important to us. Over the years this has been tweaked based on customer requests. There was never an issue with transport weight.

However, several years ago Craig Pedley, MAX Plant Founder, was in a meeting and they discussed with a potential dealer the life cycle of machines. They were shocked to hear we had machines operating in Australia with 60,000 plus hours on the clock. They commented that this was a potential issue for them as they wanted machines with a life span of 5-10,000 hours. Needless to say, we never went any further…

Craig Pedley stated ”I understand that dealers want to rotate machines through clients to maximize sales, but as an OEM and end-user, I also want my machines to last a lifetime. I guess it’s one of those eternal conversations with two answers… depending on if you are a seller or buyer.”

So the answer is really in your hands, how long is a piece of string?