9 Weeks Between Award and Dirt on the Ground

Following on from a very busy start to the 20/21 FY, we are excited to update you on another project utilising the MAX Plant modular range of equipment and the MAX Plant engineering team.

In September 2020 we were awarded the contract to supply equipment and design a diesel-hydraulic modular MAX Plant to operate on an iron ore mine in Western Australia. Delivering this project within the tight project schedule was of critical importance. To ensure the tight project schedule could be completed we utilised our manufacturing facilities and expertise in Western Australia and South East Asia.

MAX Plant Iron Ore Project

The Initial Scope

The initial scope was to supply various pieces of new equipment whilst utilising the clients existing MAX Plant equipment. As a result, design modifications were required for the existing equipment and some “out of the box” thinking was required for the new equipment.

The Tight Schedules & High Performance

Being a diesel-hydraulic MAX Plant meant an accelerated build was achievable and the tight installation schedule could be met.  From the project award date to dirt on the ground was a minimal 9 weeks! It was an amazing effort by all involved and great to be working alongside the team at MACA.

Exceeding the initially estimated design capacity by approximately 50%, MAX Plant modules have again proven to be a winning formula. As always, the technical team at MAX Plant were very impressed at the levels of performance achieved. With an impressive amount of technology incorporated, MAX Plant’s continue to be simple and easy to operate.

The Engineering Solution

The engineering solution on this project saw the development of a client-specific conveyor designed that met the tight constraints of the plant layout. Also supplied with the modular plant was the game-changing integration of the plug and play system. This system allows a fully diesel-hydraulic plant to communicate and ensure upstream and downstream running was constantly monitored from the operator’s control room that overlooked the plant.

Although some might see it as a challenge, we find it very rewarding to design, build and install MAX Plant’s time and time again within tight project schedules. Contact the team with your next project specifications. 

Modular Plant Range